I’ve written for a number of publications including the NY Times, New York Observer, LA Times, Reader’s Digest, The Week, The Daily, The Huffington Post, a bunch of golf publications and many, many more. I present to you a few of my favorite articles:

My New Yorker in China column for the New York Observer. Here’s the archive.

A story about the time I dressed as an 18th century Spanish friar and (attempted) to walk between two L.A. missions. For Los Angeles Magazine.

A piece for The Huffington Post on why I reenacted 2,000 years of history.

A (Fishing) Hole-in-One. LA Times. (Selected for inclusion in the Best American Sports Writing, 2006)

Heroes: In the Nick of Time, Reader’s Digest

One Wild Ride, LA Times

Thou Shalt Not Disappoint the Wife, LA Times

My radio work has been featured on a number of public radio programs including The WorldMarketplaceWeekend America, Only a Game, The Next Big Thing and Day 2 Day. Here are some of my favs:

My Campaign

The World’s Greatest Athlete

Driving Like My Doppelganger

Petanque, Only a Game

Muscle Beach, Only a Game

Book Cart Drill Team, Only a Game

Here’s a video companion piece to a story I reported on Weekend America:

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