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Charlie, You are hilarious. Ordered your book as soon as G told me about it.
Just received notice that I will receive it 5/30. Can not wait!!!! By the way, I love your beard. So HOT!!!!!! XO Helen

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed “Man of War”. As someone with an passion for history, I’ve spent a lot of volunteer time at historic sites and have many opportunities to hang out and get to know reenactors. Your book captures their world vibrantly and with a great sense of fun and appreciation.
Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you because, as much as I love history, there’s no way I’m prepared to give like those folks! I would have dropped dead before we ever reached the schoolhouse in chapter 1!

After seeing you on CSPAN3; I purchased your ebook. I just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did in writing a unique piece on American history. I started Civil War re-enacting in high school, as well as Revolutionary War after college. Your accounts are so similar to my experiences. I learned so much about our government and the diversity of our nation through the “living histories” and the battle re-enactments (that many of us referred to as “dog and pony shows.”) up and down the east coast.
I have not re-enacted in years. Nevertheless, I give my children countless history. lessons and try to incorporate an open minded appreciation for our past.

I saw the c-span a week or two ago,got the book,was just reading it today (2/3s thru),took a break so turned on c-span booktv,and…I kid you not…”Next,on booktv…”. Spooky! Great to re-watch! Fun book! I fear that the re-enactment thing would draw me in towards insanity,as I’ve loved real History as well as time travel stories since childhood.I want to know wtf really happened,but also how it felt to be alive in various past times….THANK YOU for the book! It’s well-done on different levels,tho I’m only up to the “FOG” chapter. You have a way of writing funny and reflective,and obviously appreciated the what and why these folks do this,no snarkiness,and hit on a common human hunger to connect with our forebearers.Anyway….Thank you for the book and the c-span bookstore talk!

I enjoyed your book a lot. On page 157-158, you say that the fortified French castle built in 1726 on the Niagara River may be one of the oldest buildings left in America and the closest one can get to visiting a medieval castle.

In St. Augustine Florida (city founded in 1565) we have the Castillo de San Marcos which its construction started in 1672 and was completed in 1695. It is still standing today. Below are some links with pictures and information. It is a great place to visit.

After reading “The Last Word” “Back to 1968” in “The Week”

The last word “Back to 1968” was not back at all. It was a gross misunderstanding of a period in our country’s war history by ill informed, men with no understanding of reality or the intelligence to doubt their own misguided impressions.

Printing this article is a perfect example of how the media can reach into the bowels of our society and expose the worst we have to offer. I am sure that now aware of this deviant behavior, there will be more misguided souls who will want to participate.

You will surely find me and, those that I know, who have participated in the Vietnam War, discussed and disappointed to learn that this type activity exists.

It is too bad that you cannot put this cat back in bag. I hope that Charlie Schoeder, even as he expressed his own disgust with what he saw, will in the future leave stories like this untold.

Been there,

John Boden, USMC
Vietnam 1966-1967

A friend sent me the article from the “Last Word” about the VN reenactment. I too was disturbed by the ignorance and racism of those participating. I was an Infantry LT in the Mekong Delta in 1969, and this “reenactment” was a bad cartoon version of what we experienced. After reading the article, I wondered, are these “reenactors” associated with some local militia? If they are serious about recreating an authentic VN experience, send them out into the swamp for three days, never let them get sight of the enemy, have snipers knock off a few of the troops and set off explosive devices to keep them alert. That is the IV Corps version, there are many other versions, including med caps where we went into villages to provide medical care, school building with the engineers, and more.

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